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Do you have enough of conferences where speakers predict impending doom for the legal profession or its salvation through legal tech, yet none of them uses tech productively for their own clients on a day to day basis?

Do you have enough of conferences where you’re told lawyers need to innovate, but you’re not shown how to do that? Enough of all-lawyer-conferences where people want to sell their services or products rather than use what’s available to create content together with their clients?

Are you a designer, a programmer or a student with design or coding skills? Have you heard that the world of legal services is changing, ripe for disruption? Are you looking for the most important challenge you want to tackle, or would you like to verify if your envisioned solution actually matches the needs of leading legal professionals?

Then it’s time to join forces in a new approach. Time for a unique concept. Time for a new kind of conference. Two highly interactive, hands-on days to work on real-life challenges: that’s, Europe’s cosiest conference on legal design, tech and innovation.

For the first time in June 2018, Europe’s leading legal innovators, legal designers, coders and lawyers – kindly supported by colleagues from the US and Canada – met in Munich under one theme: Together we create.

In a facilitated design-sprint-hackathon-like workshop, the participants learnt how to apply design thinking, rapid prototyping and tech solutions in an innovative hands-on process. From real-life challenges on day one, we actually moved to solutions in the afternoon of day two (two prototype tools and two other solutions for legal departments). What was created there, has been applied in real life – for example at ING DiBa in Frankfurt.

For us, is as ground-breaking as it is for you. That’s why it’s our conference. Together we shape the experience. Together we determine the outcome. Together we create.

On 22-23 January 2019 we brought legal design to the Middle East. Please check out our Instagram for pictures of the workshop in Bahrain at the Technology, Innovation and the Law in the MENA Region – Making the Middle East a Leading Legal Tech Zone conference.

The next event is planned for 2020. We’re going to combine legal design with real rapid implementation using the world’s leading legal tech solutions on automation. Stay tuned!

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